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Avtotransformator LLC
Avtotransformator plant provides a broad range of services — design and manufacturing of automation and control cabinets and different types of terminal boxes, neutral grounding boxes and enclosures for radioelectronic equipment
corporate website
We had to make a presentation of the company's export direction in two language versions: describing the products with the possibility of making an application and demonstrating the advantages of the company and the team

project aims

The client's marketer provided the content on the basis of which we prepared an understandable structure of the corporate website


development days
language versions
product pages
After approving the overall structure of the site, we began to create prototypes and markup the structure of pages


The company is young and rapidly evolving, so a modern and technologically advanced website design concept was chosen

typography and colours

We have developed a website where potential partners can see a catalog of products and learn more about the principles of work and quality system


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